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    Heejung Bang 
    Laurel Beckett 
    Danielle Harvey 
    Ana-Maria Iosif 
    Kyoungmi Kim 
    Chin-Shang Li 
    Diana L Miglioretti 
    Miriam Nuno 
    LiHong Qi 
    David Rocke 
    Susan L. Stewart 


   Minh Chau (Chau) Barr
   Evan de Bie
   Blythe Durbin-Johnson
   Judy Li
   Lisa (Yi) Mu
   Vien Nguyen
   Naomi Saito
   Daniel Tancredi
   Sandra Taylor
   Machelle D Wilson
   Matt Yang



2002: PhD, Biostatistics, University of California, Los Angeles 
1997: MS, Biomedical Engineering, Peking Union Medical College 

Courses Taught
MDS-465CR:  Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MPM-404:  Medical Statistics III

Selected Publications
  1. Yang, X., Li, J., and Shoptaw, S. (2008). Imputation-based Strategies for Clinical Trial Longitudinal Data with Nonignorable Missing Values. Statistics in Medicine, (in press)

  2. Yang, X. and Nie, K. (2007). Hypothesis Testing in Functional Linear Regression Models with Neyman's Truncation and Wavelet Thresholding for Longitudinal Data. Statistics in Medicine, 27, 845 - 863

  3. Yang, X., Nie, K., Belin, T., Liu, J., and Shoptaw, S. (2007). Markov Transition Models for Binary Repeated Measures with Ignorable and Nonignorable Missing Values. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 16, 347-364

  4. Li, J., Yang, X., and Wu, Y. (2006). A Random-Effects Markov Transition Model for Poisson-distributed Repeated Measures with Nonignorable Missing Values. Statistics in Medicine, 26, 2519

  5. Yang, X., Shen, Q., Xu, H., and Shoptaw, S. (2006). Functional Regression Analysis using an F Test for Longitudinal Data with Large Numbers of Repeated Measures. Statistics in Medicine, 26, 1552-1566

  6. Yang, X., Belin,T.R. and Boscardin, J. (2005). Simultaneous vs. sequential handling of imputation and variable selection for linear regression models. Biometrics, 61, 498-506

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