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Ana-Maria Iosif

  Associate Professor, PhD
  Dr. Iosif's personal webpage
Methods for longitudinal and clustered data, including longitudinal random length data. Applications of statistics to psychiatry and biomedical sciences.

2007: PhD, Statistics, University of Pittsburgh 
2004: MA, Statistics, University of Pittsburgh 
2000: MA, Applied Statistics and Optimization, University of Bucharest, Romania 

Courses Taught
EPI-298:  Sampling
EPI-204A:  Foundation of Statistical Models, Methods, and Data Analysis for Scientists
EPI-203:  Quantitative Epidemiology II: Statistical Inference
EPI-232:  Advaced Data Analysis with SAS

Professional Affiliations/Awards
Member, American Statistical Association
Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Member, International Society for Autism Research
Member, Society for Epidemiologic Research

Selected Publications
  1. Miller M, Iosif AM, Young GS, Hill MM, Ozonoff S. (2017). Early detection of ADHD: Insights from infant siblings of children with autism. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, In Press.

  2. Bautista CA, Iosif AM, Wilsey BL, Melnikow J, Crichlow A, Henry SG. (2017). Factors associated with opioid dose increases: a chart review of patients’ first year on long-term opioids. Pain Medicine, In Press.

  3. Gangi DN, Schwichtenberg AJ, Iosif AM, Young GS, Ozonoff S. (2017). Gaze to faces across interactive contexts in infants at heightened risk for autism. Autism, In Press.

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  6. Hartanto T, Krafft CE, Iosif AM, Schweitzer JB. (2016). A trial by trial analysis reveals more intense physical activity is associated with better cognitive control performance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Child Neuropsychology, 22(5):618–26.

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