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Heejung Bang

  Professor, PhD
  Dr. Bang's personal webpage
  Dr. Bang's CV
Clinical trials and observational studies. Medical cost and cost-effectiveness analysis, prediction and screening modeling.

1999: Ph.D., Statistics, North Carolina State University 
1997: M.S., Statistics, North Carolina State University 
1995: B.S., Statistics, Ewha University, Seoul, S. Korea 

Courses Taught
BST-299:  Special study for biostatistics graduate students
EPI-299:  Research
EPI-204A:  Foundations of statistical methods
MPH-Summer:  Clinical epidemiology and study design

Professional Affiliations/Awards
2012: Team member, Dean’s Team Award for Excellence, UC Davis
2001: Young Investigator Award, Statistics in Epidemiology Section at Joint Statistical Meetings, American Statistical Association
1997: Gertrude M. Cox Outstanding Academic Achievement Award Fellow: Outstanding M.S. Candidate, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
American Statistical Association
Associate Director, Research Design and Biostatistics, CTSC, UC-Davis

Selected Publications
  1. Cil AP, Bang H, Oktay K. (2013). Age-specific probability of live birth with oocyte cryopreservation: an individual patient data meta-analysis. Fertility and Sterility, 100(2):492-9.

  2. Moroz A, Freed B, Tiedemann L, Bang H, Howell M, Park JJ. (2013). Blinding measured: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013(Epub 2013 Mar 3)

  3. Bernstein KS, Chen D, Bang H. (2013). Cognitive interviewing to develop a mental health services barrier assessment. Journal of Theory Construction & Testing, 17(1):4-10.

  4. Pati R, Lahuerta M, Elul B, Okamura M, Alvim MF, Schackman B, Bang H, Fernandes R, Assan A, Lima J, Nash D; Identifying Optimal Models of HIV Care in Mozambique Study Group. (2013). Factors associated with loss to clinic among HIV patients not yet known to be eligible for antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Mozambique. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 16(18490)

  5. Lee JR, Bang H, Dadhania D, Hartono C, Aull MJ, Satlin M, August P, Suthanthiran M, Muthukumar T. (2013). Independent risk factors for urinary tract infection and for subsequent bacteremia or acute cellular rejection: a single-center report of 1166 kidney allograft recipients. Transplantation, 96(8):732-8.

  6. Dadhania D, Snopkowski C, Muthukumar T, Lee J, Ding R, Sharma VK, Christos P, Bang H, Kapur S, Seshan SV, Suthanthiran M. (2013). Noninvasive prognostication of polyomavirus BK virus-associated nephropathy. Transplantation, 96(2):131-8.

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  8. Fenton JJ, Xing G, Elmore JG, Bang H, Chen SL, Lindfors KK, Baldwin LM. (2013). Short-term outcomes of screening mammography using computer-aided detection: a population-based study of medicare enrollees. Annals of Internal Medicine, 158(8):580-7.

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  12. Bang H, Zhao H. (2012). Average cost-effectiveness ratio with censored data. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 22(2):401-15.

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  14. Nokes KM, Hughes V, Santos R, Bang H. (2012). Creating a paper-based personal health record for HIV-infected persons. The Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care: JANAC, 23(6):539-47.

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  16. Webber A, Hambleton J, Chami A, Bang H, Seshan S, Sharma A, August P, Kapur S, Suthanthiran M, Dadhania D. (2012). Mean arterial blood pressure while awaiting kidney transplantation is associated with the risk of primary nonfunction. Transplantation, 93(1):54-60.

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