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Collaboration Guidelines

The Division of Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences supports basic and clinical research and conducts research on biostatistical methodology. We provide support to investigators throughout the School of Medicine, and other campus units.

General guidelines for working with faculty from the Division of Biostatistics are as follows:

1.   Contact us at least 60 days prior to the submission date for your proposal. This will give us adequate time to review your study aims, provide feedback, and assist in the preparation of the analytic plan for your project. We will also work with you to determine the level of biostatistical services you will need, whether as part of a modular budget or as a percentage of time from a biostatistician and/or programmer. If you will need a named biostatistician collaborator, we will help to identify a specific individual with appropriate background.

2.   We will provide you with a budget and budget justification for biostatistical services, up-to-date biosketches and other support information, as well as information on the resources available through the Division to support your project. View UCD Biostatistic Effort Guidelines.

3.   Changes to percentages of effort or budgets affecting the Division of Biostatistics should only be made after consulting with us in advance.

4.   Members of the Division may only be included in your proposal after first consulting with us. All of our faculty statisticians are consistently at or close to allowable maximum effort commitments. We cannot guarantee availability unless we are aware of all potential commitments.

5.   A complete copy of your final grant proposal must be provided to us at the time it is submitted.

6.   Notify us as soon as possible whether your project is or is not selected for funding. Please forward to the division office a copy of the grant award page, along with the final approved budget as soon as you receive notification. If you intend to resubmit an unfunded project, please let us know. We will provide you with updated information to include in your new submission.

7.   When your grant is awarded, no changes to the previously agreed effort or contributions from the Division of Biostatistics should be made without first consulting with the division chief.


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